Expert Case Analysis

The workers’ compensation laws in California are changing every day. Even if you have been practicing in the field for many years, it seems like more and more of your time is spent trying to stay up-to-date. As if keeping up with the changing law were not enough, the current permanent disability rating system demands that applicant’s attorneys have more medical knowledge than ever before to achieve maximum results for their clients. Mastering these medical principles, particularly the AMA Guides, can be extraordinarily time-consuming and can divert you from handling and settling your cases. Why not have an expert do some of that work for you?

Mr. Rondeau is a recognized expert and frequent lecturer regarding application and interpretation of the AMA Guides. He has served as co-chair of the AMA Guides Committee of the California Applicants Attorneys Association since the Committee was first established in 2006. In 2007, Mr. Rondeau was invited by the AMA to serve as a Reviewer for the Sixth Edition of the Guides. No applicant attorney in California has spoken more frequently or to as many different groups about AMA Guides topics as has Mr. Rondeau.

In addition to his mastery of AMA Guides related issues, Mr. Rondeau also has particular expertise in analyzing psychiatric injury cases. He has spent years “going deep” on all aspects of psychiatric and psychological evaluations and reports, including studying the main psychological tests administered to injured workers. Because of his specialized knowledge in this field, Mr. Rondeau has not only lectured to attorney groups, he has even been invited to speak on several occasions before a prominent California psychiatric evaluation group about psychiatric injury cases.

But more importantly, Mr. Rondeau doesn’t just know how to “talk the talk”, he has proven in literally hundreds of doctor depositions that he can “walk the walk”. Few applicant attorneys in California have taken nearly as many depositions of physicians in every imaginable specialty within the last five years as Mr. Rondeau.

Charles R. Rondeau, a PC, will analyze the medical issues in your case and arm you with the information that you need to maximize your client’s recoveries at far less expense than your time investment in gathering that information yourself. Rondeau Rating Services will review the medical reports and records in your case and provide you with a Rondeau Rating Report containing a detailed analysis of the medical issues, as well as step-by-step guidance as to how you can achieve a maximum recovery for your client.

Contact Charles Rondeau today and put an expert to work for you on your case.