Specific vs. Continuous Trauma Injuries

While there are many types of work-related injuries, from a medical-legal standpoint, all these injuries can be placed into two categories. Some work injuries happen suddenly and are due to a specific event such as a broken leg after a fall from a scaffold or a back injury resulting from lifting a heavy object. This type of injury is referred to as a “specific injury”. Other injuries are caused over time as a result of a person’s day-to-day work activities. These injuries include chronic back or neck injuries due to frequent lifting and carrying, carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive hand activities or internal injuries due to repeated exposure to toxic chemicals. This type of injury is referred to as a “continuous trauma injury” (also known as a “cumulative trauma injury”). Both specific and continuous trauma injuries are recognized under California law and can qualify a person to receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, continuous trauma injuries often involve more complicated legal and medical issues. No matter what type of injury you have, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be crucial in obtaining maximum workers’ compensation benefits.

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Workers’ Compensation: Causation and Apportionment

Causation: – When an employee says they have a work injury, employers and insurance companies often deny that the injury was caused by their work and refuse to provide medical treatment.

Apportionment: – Even if they admit that there is a work injury, employers and insurance companies try to avoid paying full compensation by claiming that non-work-related factors were the primary reason for any disability caused by the injury. To be clear, insurance companies benefit from claiming your disability was primarily caused by a non-work related event or factor. Accordingly, when an injury occurs one of the most important things to establish is: did other factors contribute to the disability and to what degree. Accurately establishing such facts can have a tremendous impact on the value of benefits the injured individual receives.

Our law firm is highly skilled at assessing injuries and dealing with complex disputes related to causation and apportionment.

Expertise, Medical Insight, and Conviction

Our attorneys collaborate with doctors and other specialists to gain greater insight into medical injuries. Our knowledge of medicine empowers the legal representation we provide our clients and gives us the upper hand in cases involving complex disabilities.

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