Los Angeles County Car Accidents Lawyers

Without any warning, a serious motor vehicle collision can leave you in critical condition and permanently alter the course of your life. If such an unfortunate event happens to you, you deserve to be fully compensated for the physical, psychological, and professional hardship you have experienced and perhaps will continue to bear. To protect your rights it is very important you consult with a qualified attorney who specializes in car accidents as soon as possible.

While many attorneys think they can handle your case, it is vital to find a dedicated lawyer who is an expert at motor vehicle accidents. Rondeau Law Group has the trial experience to skillfully represent clients who have been seriously injured in a car accident. If an accident has resulted in death, you will need a strong firm like ours to go the distance and protect your rights. We have the courage to stand up for you in court and go head-to-head against the large insurance companies.

Rondeau Law Group has expert knowledge of the insurance company’s policies and procedures which allows us to drive more effective claims for compensation. Over the years, our commitment to protecting our client’s rights has earned us the respect of other attorneys in Los Angeles County and established us as a leading personal injury law firm.

Expert Car Accident Representation in Los Angeles County

Our firm takes on clients with a wide range of injuries including (but not limited to): brain damage, broken bones, serious burns, severe scarring or disfigurement, and spinal cord injuries (resulting in complete or partial paralysis).

Our car accident victims are involved in accidents such as:

  • Alcohol/Drug-related accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Fatal accidents
  • Fatigue-related accidents
  • Freeway accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian collisions
  • Rear ends
  • Rollovers
  • T-bones
  • Texting/Device-related accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Other motor vehicle accidents

The Care and Compensation You Deserve

The fact is after a serious injury, money alone cannot bring back all that has been lost. But money can help you get the medical care, rehabilitation, and compensation you are entitled to.

In a car accident which has resulted in serious injury, one of our top priorities is to get our clients all the medical care needed so they can achieve maximal recovery. By collaborating with your doctor and other medical caretakers, we track the progress of your treatment and try and identify your future medical needs.

In cases with catastrophic brain or spinal injury, we recommend engaging a life-care planner if indicated. These professionals can develop a detailed list of medical treatments and rehabilitation services our client will need for the rest of their life.

Rondeau Law Group will identify the monetary value of all your economic and non-economic losses and will then work hard to help receive the full compensation you deserve.

Why Work With The Best?

Why should you contact our firm and receive a free consultation? Because you should NOT have to deal with an auto collision lawsuit alone. Instead you should work with a firm like ours, who understands the insurance claim process and strives to achieve results. Don’t risk losing your rights by engaging an inexperienced lawyer. Our firm has a well-earned reputation and you (and your family) deserve nothing but the best legal representation.

So if you have been seriously injured in a car wreck and are looking for top-notch representation, look no further. We are here to give you a heads-up on what potential medical treatments you may need and the possible long-term affects your accident may have. Our attorneys will work hard to save you from waiving your rights and making irreversible mistakes.

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